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                         Volume 13 Number 188
                          September 30, 2009
                Editor/Publisher Bernie McClenny, W3UR

                                DX News

It is now time to start dumping your old International Reply Coupons
(IRCs).  The "Beijing model No. 2"
(www.dailydx.com/images/irc2007.jpg) must be redeem before December
31, 2009.  Many QSL managers are now only accepting the new Nairobi
mode IRCs (www.dailydx.com/images/2008-08-08_irc.jpg).  It's now time
to start getting rid of the old IRCs and not get stuck with any!  The
new IRCs were supposed to be available July 1st.  Here in the US they
were only made available September 10, 2009.  For those in the US
having a tuff time getting the new IRCs K9MBQ, Alan, tells us that US
postal workers can read about the IRCs in Postal bulletin # 22267
(www.usps.com/cpim/ftp/bulletin/2009/pb22267/pdf/pb22267.pdf) dated
September 10, 2009 on pages 11 and 12.  The new IRCs cost $2.10 in the
US and for the unknowing postal employee it is USPS item # 330800.
For those in the US exchanging the old "Beijing model No. 2" IRCs the
manual says "Advise customers to exchange IRCs that expire on December
31, 2009, for the new IRC version (Item 330800), or for other postage
stamps. Retail associates (RAs) can exchange unused U.S.-issued IRCs
for $0.01 less than the value of the IRC. (The amount to exchange is
the printed price of the IRC along with any additional postage affixed
minus one penny.)"  For more information on IRCs you can check out

Yesterday around 1747Z the United States Geological Survey (USGS)
reported an 8.0 magnitude earthquake east-north-east of Hihifo, Tonga
(A3) and 125 miles south of Apia, Samoa (5W).  Both American Samoa
(KH8) and Samoa (5W) reported a Tsunami killed more than a dozen
people.  Shortly afterwards K2EWB, Leon, spoke to the 3D20CR team on
Conway Reef, who knew about the tsunami and earth quake, and all are
fine.  Today around 0900Z DL9GFB, Franz, spoke on the satellite phone
with DK9KX, Hawa, reconfirmed the team is OK.  The 3D20CR team has set
up their first station, which is now QRV.  In fact K2EWB, Leon, says
he spoke to DK9KX today at 1145Z confirming the one station is now QRV
on 14024.  "Because the Reef is now in darkness, the rest of the
antennas will have to wait until their sunrise tomorrow their time
(Ed. note: later today - GMT).  A35RK, Paul, on Lifuka Island, Tonga,
reports a 3-4 feet high tsunami came about 30-40 minutes later.
"Nobody was injured, and it's a big mess in the harbor but nothing
like what happened up in Samoa", says Paul.  Over in Pago Pago,
American Samoa AH8LG, Larry, and his family and their home are
alright, however Larry's "custom embroidery shop" was a complete loss.
YT1AD, Hrane, was at LAX airport when the earthquake and tsunami hit.
His flight to Apia, Samoa was still on for today at 0630Z today.  He
and YU1DW, Miki, will be on 5W for about 10 hours and then plan to fly
to American Samoa.

Both Guam (KH2) and the Mariana Islands (KH0) and the northwest
Pacific area are currently getting more than their fair share of rain
with three storms.  Most of the ops have secured their antennas and
probably won't be in the clear until Monday October 5th, says KH2L,
Ed.  You can see what is happening at

Rumor has it the FT5GA DXpedition team will be leaving Glorioso Island
on October 5th.  Your editor has asked the French support team for a
confirmation.  The FT5GA operating permit
(http://glorieuses2008.free.fr/IMG/FT5GA_licence.jpg) is good through
October 10th.

M0WTF/OK1THA, Petr, is now in eastern Africa through October.  Plans
are to "occasionally" be QRV as 5Z4PS from Nairobi and possibly other
locations within Kenya.  His simple setup includes an IC-706MKIIG and
20 meter low dipole.  He also has plans to be in the Kampala area of
Uganda during the first week of October and QRV as 5X1THA.  During the
second week of October Petr could be QRV as ZS1/OK1THA in South
Africa.  QSL via M0WTF direct with 1 IRC or greenstamp or via the RSGB
QSL bureau.

ND3F, Brian, is heading to Barbados to visit some friends between
November 22nd and December 2nd, including participation in the CQ
World Wide CW DX Contest.   He is hoping to get a special call, but if
not will operate as 8P9SS.  Brain will have verticals for all bands,
probably running a K3 and 500 watt amp.  He believes he may be able to
operate on 60 meters (5 MHz).  QSL via ND3F.

KJ5YU, Keith, is currently on a work assignment in Guantanamo Bay
until approximately February 1, 2010.  He'll be operating as KG4YU.
QSL via KJ5YU.

SM1TDE, Eric, will be in The Gambia from December 10, 2009 to January
3, 2010.  He has applied for a license and supposes it will be issued
upon his arrival.  This will be a family vacation and so radio will be
second.  Activity is planned for CW only on 1.8 through 28 MHz using
100 watts and simple wire antennas.  Eric prefers QSL go via the
bureau, although direct is OK too.  He does not have plans to use LOTW
or eQSL.

Look for DL9USA, Andreas, to be on holiday with his girlfriend on
Comino Island, Malta for one week between October 15th and 22nd.  He
will be using an FT-100 and a wire antenna on CW as 9H8C.  QSL via the
bureau or direct to DL9USA.


3D20CR -       CONWAY REEF - The crew started up today on 14023.9 KHz
               at 0815Z, reports JA1ADN, Fred.  The operator was
               DL6JGN, Hans.  As of press time it seems the guys
               currently have one station QRV.  Most likely more
               stations will come online later today.

FT5GA -        GLORIOSO - Several East Coast US stations found them on
               10105 today at 1200Z with few callers.  Most likely
               this would have been long path.


The following IOTA stations were active yesterday.

IOTA   Call         Freq. GMT        IOTA   Call         Freq.  GMT
------ ----------   ----- ----       ------ ---------    ----- ----
AF-004 EA8/PD2BNH   14178 1935       EU-042 DF3ZE/P      14013 1546
AF-014 CT9/DL1YFF   14223 1707       EU-042 DH3RB/P      14260 1619
AS-157 XV3RRC        7045 1942       EU-045 IB0/IK4RVG   14175 1604
EU-010 MS0WRC       14189 1709       EU-127 DA0HEL       10103 1903
EU-012 MA0XAU       14004 1846       NA-026 W2/CT1FMX    14083 2254
EU-015 SV9/DJ5AA/P  14013 1940       NA-102 FG5LA        10144 2136
EU-015 SV9/DJ5AA/P   3516 2011       NA-126 VE1/G3ZAY    14257 1932
EU-016 9A/S57YX/P    7090 1805       NA-145 PJ5/AH6HY    18155 2144
EU-016 9A3AGS        7150 2052

IOTA frequencies -
CW  28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530
SSB 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3765


Date     End  Prefix Call                       Manager    Ref Vol-No
------ ------ ------ -------------------------- ---------- ----------
30-Sep 31-Oct 4W     4W6FR (OC-148)             VK4FW          13-126
30-Sep  2-Oct 5B     5B/HG3IPA (AS-004)         HA3JB          13-160
30-Sep 31-Oct 5N     5N0OCH                     DL3OCH     13-167 152
30-Sep 12-Oct 6W     J68WI (NA-108)             WB5ZAM         13-170
30-Sep 12-Oct 7Q     7Q7BJ                      G4AHK          13-177
30-Sep  2-Oct F      TM0RPC                     F5KAZ          13-166
30-Sep 21-Oct FH     TO7RJ (AF-027)             DJ7RJ      13-134 115
30-Sep 12-Oct FO/A   TX5SPA (OC-152)            SP9PT          13-096
30-Sep 30-Nov FT#W   FT5WO (AF-008)             F4DYW      13-187 181
30-Sep 10-Oct FT5G   FT5GA (AF-011)             F5OGL  13-172 172 171
30-Sep  3-Oct GM     MS0WRC (EU-010)            G0MTD          13-116
30-Sep 30-Sep HB9    HB9VELO                    HB9OCR         13-160
30-Sep 13-Nov HL     HL9QST                     KE7WRJ         13-159
30-Sep 15-Oct J7     J79ZG (NA-101)             DL7AFS     13-159 122
30-Sep  8-Nov JA     8J2S (AS-007)              bureau         13-174
30-Sep 30-Sep JT     JU85TTC                    JT1DN          13-151
30-Sep 30-Sep JW     JW6VM (EU-026)             LA6VM          13-167
30-Sep 30-Sep JW     JW7XK (EU-026)             LA7XK          13-167
30-Sep 30-Sep JW     JW9DL (EU-026)             LA9DL          13-167
30-Sep  1-Oct KH8    KH8/N9YU (OC-045)                         13-176
30-Sep  3-Oct KL7    K7A (NA-216 or 222)        K6HFA      13-182 180
30-Sep 30-Sep KL7    K7A (NA-236)               K6HFA      13-182 180
30-Sep  6-Oct OD     OD5F                       IZ8CLM         13-169
30-Sep 31-Dec P2     P29CW                      VK2IR          13-163
30-Sep 13-Oct PA     PA10SFF                                   13-111
30-Sep  1-Oct PJ5    PJ5/AH6HY (NA-105)         AH6HY          13-153
30-Sep 31-Oct SP     SN120OSP                   SP4CUF         13-156
30-Sep 30-Nov SP     SN40DVP                    SP6DVP         13-181
30-Sep  2-Oct SV     SV8/PA1FJ/P (EU-049)       PA1FJ          13-176
30-Sep  4-Oct SV     SV8/PA3DEU (EU-072)        PA3DEU         13-181
30-Sep 10-Oct SV5    SV0XAN/5 (EU-001)          IK2WZD         13-136
30-Sep  3-Dec SV5    SV5/G2JL (EU-001)          G2JL           13-166
30-Sep  5-Oct SV9    SV9/WB2GAI/p               WB2GAI         13-116
30-Sep  1-Oct TA     TC10TF                     TA1HZ          13-185
30-Sep  3-Oct TK     TK/DF6ZY                   DF6ZY          13-156
30-Sep  3-Oct TK     TK/F5MCC (EU-014)          F5MCC          13-182
30-Sep  1-Oct XV     XV3RRC (AS-157)            RZ3EC          13-176
30-Sep  5-Oct YO     YR550BU                                   13-181
30-Sep 30-Sep ZL7    ZL7/N7OU (OC-038)          N7OU           13-134
30-Sep 30-Sep        HF DX Challenge                           13-123

The Daily DX Calendar http://www.dailydx.com/Calendar.htm

Upcoming contest rules & dates

                     Today's Propagation Forecast

Solar Activity Forecast: Solar activity will be very low with a slight
chance for a C-class event.

Geophysical Activity Forecast: Today the geomagnetic field will be
quiet.  Quiet to unsettled levels are expected on Thursday and Friday
due to a coronal hole high-speed stream.

Here is the latest 3-day Solar-Geophysical Forecast:

Perhaps the most useful propagation page for Amateur Radio Operators
can be found at http://dx.qsl.net/propagation/

The sunspot number for September 28, 2009 was 15 and for yesterday was
14.  We have now had sunspots from Cycle 24 for the past nine days.
This is a Cycle 24 record!

                               QSL Info

Call        Manager       Call       Manager      Call       Manager
------      -------       ------     -------      ------     -------
3D20CR      DJ8NK         MA0XAM     MM0XAM       VE1/G3ZAY  G3ZAY
5Z4PS       M0WTF         OD5F       IZ8CLM       YI1RZ      IK2DUW
GA0NBM      GM0NBM        SV0XAF/8   HB9EBC

Need a QSL route?  Here are some great free sites for you and your
friends - http://www.dailydx.com/routes.html.

QSL cards recently received direct and via managers: 8Q7DV, PX6T (SA-
080) and VK9GMW.

QSL cards recently received via the bureau: none reported today.

Confirmations recently received via LOTW: BV1EK, CU2JT, HI3TEJ, HQ2W,


Many thanks to the following for the above DX information: 5B4AHJ,
K7SS, K9MBQ, KH2L, N2MFT, ND3F, SM1TDE, W1YY/7, W4DN, W6ENZ, and

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